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Sell your property

Experience, knowledge and proven track record. Aqua Properties does what it says on the box and the sign. For Sale… It is more than two words and Aqua Properties understands that. The UAE property business is a fast moving and ever evolving market place. Existing landlords with large portfolio’s, or newer market entrants will benefit from Aqua’s real time understanding of the trends and price points.

Aqua Properties will advise on best possible solutions to achieve the desired outcome for the vendor and continue to support throughout the entire process, to ensure a smooth successful outcome for its clients. Optimising the returns to owners and strategic marketing are essential to maintain our position as one of Dubai’s leading realtors.

Forty Brokers from five continents. Speaking a combined twelve global business languages, with a management team having over seventy five years combined experience in the UAE property sector means we don’t just know our business, we live it.

Rent your property

Rental return, yield on investment, tenant acquisition, tenancy law, security of asset, position in the market place and the best possible solution to achieve the maximum return for our clients.

These are the driving factors behind the approach to property management at Aqua Property Rentals. Our dynamic team understand the local market and add value, ensuring the clients achieve the best possible solution, tailored to their portfolio and long term objectives for their assets in the region.

Understanding and experience of the local market are key to the success of any venture. Aqua Property Rental has a major presence in the region and will ensure the product is brought to the complex rental market in the most advantages and productive way, ensuring and optimising the assets yield for the owner.

Property Management

The lucrative corporate and HNW tenants require exceptional levels of service and often bespoke solutions. This is often unrealistic or uneconomical for a landlord to provide. Aqua Property Management Services has the ability to service and meet those expectations.

The Property Management Team understands the local market, its nuances and trends and is able to ensure the clients of Aqua always have the right product in the market place and at the optimum price, to achieve the objectives: Good tenants, happy tenants, reliable tenants and always tenants in the properties.

Aqua Property Management will provide a full service to both the tenant and the landlord. Thus ensuring a fruitful and lasting relationship. Rent collections, ongoing property maintenance, first point of contact for both parties and total management of the landlord/tenant relationship is something the Team here prides itself on.

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