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June 2016 saw the successful launch of Aqua Properties new brand. Aqua’s rebranding does not start and finish at a logo, its evolution is carried forward internally via Mr Paul Christodoulou’s vision, the new COO at Aqua, with a new team organization, restructured marketing initiatives and a new web platform that will develop daily online with digitals ever changing face.

Mr Christodoulou said ‘The always-on client, multiple devise Aqua consumer has changed all the rules of investor engagement. The property journey is no longer high street with well defined paths, as consumers and buyers complete most of their journeys before making a purchase. At Aqua we are building a new brand in tandem with this new ethology. Both our buyers and investor journeys are based on new creative marketing – Digital. At Aqua we embrace this new journey and move in step with our clients’.

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